Terms of Service

By using the service provided by this site you acknowledge the following terms of service/use:

1. The user may not use this service to download copyrighted materials from the video sites that this service allows you to download from.
2. The user is responsible and takes liability for the data sent to Vubey.
3. The user is aware of the legal risks he/she takes for sound storage and sharing. This is subject to copyright, which can force you to assume the legal responsibility.
4. If you are the copyright owner of any material and would like to block the conversion of any videos to MP3, please submit your request to [email protected]
5. You will only use Vubey for backup purposes, will not distribute the content you download and only convert content you own.

Vubey does not store any converted files on it's servers.
We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice.

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